Georgia Matilda Home is a thoughtfully curated home store located in South Tampa, offering a whole array of design services from shelf propping to interior home design. 



This amazing antique custom piece came from Tarpon Springs one of the oldest Greek communities in the United States.  We love to mix patterns and textures and try to never pick anything twice striving to have the uncommon statement piece. 


Custom furniture from reclaimed wood to zinc, your piece will be made from scratch and uniquely yours. 



Does this go there?  Not always an easy question to answer.  Not to worry.  We bring our ideas right into your home.  Show us a room or show us the whole house and we'll take it from there.  Call or email us for a fee schedule.

From Nashville to New England and From Palm Beach to Texas


We scour the globe to find the unique, the special, the perfect piece. 

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When you need that extra set of expert eyes


You have this beautiful space, and you just can't quite figure out what should go where? Whether it's a single room or your entire home, Georgia Matilda Home offers In-Home Design Services.  We are passionate about design and home decor, and love when we can express that passion in new places.  Call today to set up your Design Consultation.


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Georgia Matilda


This is Georgia Matilda (above and below left) she traveled the world before I was born.  She had an amazing sense of style and taste which my mother Shirley Lee (middle) passed on to me (right). My husband has a word for women like them,  "formidable."  They were not Beige in any way shape or form and they loved to share ideas that they discovered.  They were both so creative at putting things together in a way that was magical.  It is our goal here to create magical comfortable living spaces just like they did.